Brows are my speciality, I will never get bored of creating amazing brows for everyone, all ages all styles. At Saint Beauty I can create a basic shape for you to help begin a regrowth of your brow, to creating hair strokes with ink to change the whole shape of your brow or fill in annoying gaps or make them longer -whatever your brow wish is!

High Definition Brows, the go to treatment if you are unsure what to do with your brows, The treatment that started the brow boom!! Shape Tint Makeup.

Henna….for blondes as well as brunettes, if you don't have a lot of hair or if your hair is fine, OR you just want deeper, richer longer lasting colour -this is the one for you! Includes shaping too.

Lamination is the most in demand treatment at the moment, think big power brows. Want bigger brows, that  brush up every day and stay for weeks? No matter how thin your brows are, this treatment never fails to impress! Tinting and shape included...an all rounder ultimate brow treatment...check out my instagram/lookbook for pictures.

MIcroblading, The Saint Brow this is semi permanent which means once you have had this treatment the hair strokes that are created will stay, You may want to come and have refresh after 18 months and occasional shape and tint if you have fair hair but that is it you'll be set. Perfect shape, little maintenance, suits most. If you have little to no hair you may want to try the Saint Boujee Brow, filling in small gaps and adding a few hair strokes to the bulb or tail of the brow for those who have a good brow already.